This most widely visited state monument in New Mexico is part of a community frozen in time—the 1870's and 1880's.

President Rutherford Hayes called its lone byway “the most dangerous street in America.” He was referring to the bloody Lincoln County War and Billy the Kid, its infamous gunhand.

Few hotels offer the combined comfort, surrounding beauty and historical setting of the Wortley Hotel in Lincoln, New Mexico. Lincoln, with its original mid-1800’s buildings, principal position in the Lincoln County War and Billy the Kid saga, takes visitors back to the 1880’s when its sole road was considered the ‘most dangerous street in America’.

Playing a major part in Lincoln’s chronicle, the famous Wortley Hotel has fed and housed outlaws, lawmen, judges and participants in the Lincoln County War. Little has changed in Lincoln since the jail breaks and gun fights. While Billy the Kid and Pat Garrett no longer stop by for lunch, the Wortley now offers far more sumptuous meals, comfortable beds, tidy antique filled rooms and dining room.

“Today, as a Bed and Breakfast hotel, we treat you with the finest 21st century standards while maintaining the Wortley’s historic character. If you’re searching for the fading antiquity and authenticity of America’s West coupled with a comfortable stay in antique filled lodgings and capped off with excellent meals, we invite you to give us a call or send an email. You’ll enjoy your stay with us and we’ll look forward to your next visit. Lincoln will take you back in time and the Wortley will admirably add the finishing touches!”

Owners – Troy and Katharine Nelson

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